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Went to the pet shop this morning and bought a transparent goldfish! It’s really weird, you can see it’s brain and guts and stuff. ^^; I also played New Super Mario Bros on Wii with my little brother. We’re up to world 5 at the moment.I’m going to watch the Matrix on Bluray disk after lunch. I always wanted to watch that movie, but it looked real scary (the disk cover, that is) so I kinda delayed… ^.^;

Oh yeah, check out the new updates at Kasumi as well: http://kasumii.tk There’s a ton of graphics just made by staff members which include wallpapers, avatars, banners, buttons, etc!


New worker at Kasumi

Hiya everyone! Keanno is working at my website Kasumi now! He’s going to post news about Pokemon as well as make awesome graphics. ^_^ Thanks Keanno!

Create stuff.

This morning, I saw the Makerbot on the news. It was a bit like an advertisement. What the Makerbot is, is like, this 3D printer. A 2D printer prints out stuff on a piece of paper. A 3D printer prints out real 3D stuff. It’s mostly only plastic toys and gears and bits and pieces at the moment… but still, I think it’s pretty cool. You get to design the blueprints on a special program on the computer, and then put it into the Makerbot, which reads the instructions and makes the object. Here’s a video:

And here’s their official website!

Happy Birthday!

Hiya everyone! Just thought I’d say a little happy birthday to myself~ ^_^ I might get a DSI XL, but I really want the 3DS… I got about $350 to buy myself whatever I wanted for a present! :) Oh yeah, I know I’m about 3 months late, but I watched Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D on Bluray disk last night! It was epic! Although it’s pretty unlikely that aliens would just happen to speak English, but it was funny and nice to watch. :) School starts this Monday. The holidays went so fast. O_O


Hiya everyone! This is my Tumblr, and I decided to get one since Keanno did, and the interface looks cool. XD I’ll post stuff. Sometimes. But don’t expect too much, kay? I mean, I’m not the most interesting person, so yeah. Come here in a few days to find a new post of some random thing. X3